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Nutrient Retention in Restored Streams and Rivers: A Global Review and Synthesis.
Johnson, T; Kaushal, S; Mayer, P; Smith, R; Sivirichi, G. 2016. Water 8(4):116-143
Stream restoration and sewers impact sources and fluxes of water, carbon, and nutrients in urban watersheds.
Pennino, MJ; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Utz, RM; Cooper, CA. 2016. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20(8):3419-3439
Sources of iron (Fe) and factors regulating the development of flocculate from Fe-oxidizing bacteria in regenerative streamwater conveyance structures.
Williams, M; Wessel, B; Filoso, S. 2016. Ecological Engineering 95:723-737
Decadal-scale export of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment from the Susquehanna River basin, USA: Analysis and synthesis of temporal and spatial patterns.
Zhang, Q; Ball, WP; Moyer, DL. 2016. Science of the Total Environment 563:1016-1029
Phosphorus Retention in Stormwater Control Structures across Streamflow in Urban and Suburban Watersheds.
Duan, S; Newcomer-Johnson, T; Mayer, P; Kaushal, S. 2016. Water 8(9):1-17
Urban stream burial increases watershed-scale nitrate export.
Beaulieu, JJ; Golden, HE; Knightes, CD; Mayer, PM; Kaushal, SS; Pennino, MJ; Arango, CP; Balz, DA; Elonen, CM; Fritz, KM; Hill, BH. 2015. PLoS ONE 10(7):1-14
Urban evolution: the role of water.
Kaushal, SS; McDowell, WH; Wollheim, WM; Newcomer Johnson, TA; Mayer, PM; Belt, KT; Pennino, MJ. 2015. Water 7(8):4063-4087
Who Engages in Environmental Stewardship? Participation in the Maryland Watershed Stewards Academies.
Fisher, DR; Yagatich, W; Galli, A. 2015. University of Maryland, College Park:1-29
Long-Term Trends of Nutrients and Sediment from the Nontidal Chesapeake Watershed: An Assessment of Progress by River and Season.
Zhang, Q; Brady, DC; Boynton, WR; Ball, WP. 2015. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 51(6):1534-1555
Effects of urban stream burial on organic matter dynamics and reach scale nitrate retention.
Beaulieu, JJ, Mayer, PM; Kaushal, SS; Pennino, MJ; Arango, CP; Balz, DA;Canfield, TJ; Elonen, CM; Fritz, KM; Hill, BH; Ryu, H; Santo Domingo, JW. 2014. Biogeochemistry 121:107-126
Land use and climate variability amplify carbon, nutrient, and contaminant pulses: a review with management implications.
Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Vidon, PG; Smith, RM; Pennino, MJ; Newcomer, TA; Duan, S; Welty, C; Belt, KT. 2014. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 50(3):585-614
Longitudinal patterns in carbon and nitrogen fluxes and stream metabolism along an urban watershed continuum.
Kaushal, SS; Delaney-Newcomb, K; Findlay, SEG; Newcomer, TA; Duan, S; Pennino, MJ; Sivirichi, GM; Sides-Raley, AM; Walbridge, MR; Belt, KT. 2014. Biogeochemistry 121(1):23-44
Effects of urban stream burial on nitrogen uptake and ecosystem metabolism: implications for watershed nitrogen and carbon fluxes.
Pennino, MJ; Kaushal, SS; Beaulieu, JJ; Mayer, PM; Arango, CP. 2014. Biogeochemistry 121(1):247-269
Potential effects of leaf litter on water quality in urban watersheds.
Duan, SW; Delaney-Newcomb, K; Kaushal, SS; Findlay, SEG; Belt, KT. 2014. Biogeochemistry 121(1):61-80
Ecological engineering practices for the reduction of excess nitrogen in human-influenced landscapes: a guide for watershed managers.
Passeport, E; Vidon, P; Forshay, KJ; Harris, L; Kaushal, SS; Kellogg, DQ; Lazar, J; Mayer, P; Stander, EK. 2013. Environmental Management 51(2):392-413
Urban growth of the Washington, DC-Baltimore, MD metropolitan region from 1984 to 2010 by annual, Landsat-based estimates of impervious cover.
Sexton, JO; Song, XP; Huang, CQ; Channan, S; Baker, ME; Townshend, JR. 2013. Remote Sensing of Environment 129:42-53
Warming increases carbon and nutrient fluxes from sediments in streams across land use.
Duan, SW; Kaushal, SS. 2013. Biogeosciences 10(2):1193-1207
Effects of stream restoration on nitrogen removal and transformation in urban watersheds: lessons from Minebank Run, Baltimore, Maryland.
Mayer, PM; Schechter, SP; Kaushal, SS; Groffman, PM. 2013. Watershed Science Bulletin 4(1):1-10
Potential stream density in mid-Atlantic US watersheds.
Elmore, AJ; Julian, JP; Guinn, SM; Fitzpatrick, MC. 2013. PLOS ONE 8(8):1-15
Climate change and the past, present, and future of biotic interactions.
Blois, JL; Zarnetske, PL; Fitzpatrick, MC; Finnegan, S. 2013. Science 341(6145):499-504
Long-term pCO(2) dynamics in rivers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Prasad, MBK; Kaushal, SS; Murtugudde, R. 2013. Applied Geochemistry 31:209-215
Channel head locations in forested watersheds across the mid-Atlantic United States: A physiographic analysis.
Julian, JP; Elmore, AJ; Guinn, SM. 2012. Geomorphology 177:194-203
Influence of natural and novel organic carbon sources on denitrification in forest, degraded urban, and restored streams.
Newcomer, TA; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Shields, AR; Canuel, EA; Groffman, PM; Gold, AJ. 2012. Ecological Monographs 82(4):449-466
Phosphorus export across an urban to rural gradient in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Duan, S; Kaushal, SS; Groffman, PM; Band, LE; Belt, KT. 2012. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 117
Nitrate removal in two relict oxbow urban wetlands: a N-15 mass-balance approach.
Harrison, MD; Groffman, PM; Mayer, PM; Kaushal, SS. 2012. Biogeochemistry 111(1-3):647-660
A freshwater conservation assessment of the Upper Mississippi River basin using a coarse- and fine-filter approach.
Khoury, M; Higgins, J; Weitzell, R. 2011. FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 56(1):162-179
Tracking nonpoint source nitrogen pollution in human-impacted watersheds.
Kaushal, SS; Groffman, PM; Band, LE; Elliott, EM; Shields, CA; Kendall, C. 2011. Environmental Science & Technology 45(19):8225-8232
Synergistic use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner with GIRAS land-cover data to retrieve impervious surface area for the Potomac River Basin in 1975.
Elmore, AJ; Guinn, SM. 2010. Remote Sensing of Environment 114(10):2384-2391
A watershed perspective on nutrient enrichment, science, and policy in the Patuxent River, Maryland: 1960-2000.
D'Elia, CF; Boynton, WR; Sanders, JG. 2003. Estuaries 26(2A):171-185
Preface--from ecology to economics: tracing human influence in the Patuxent River estuary and its watershed.
Breitburg, DL; Jordan, TE; Lipton, D. 2003. Estuaries 26(2A):167-170

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