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Academic reprints are not available from this bookstore; they are listed for information purposes only. You can find copies of this material in your university library or at the National Sea Grant Library.

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Predator-mediated landscape structure: seasonal patterns of spatial expansion and prey control by Chrysaora quinquecirrha and Mnemiopsis leidyi.
Breitburg, D; Burrell, R. 2014. Marine Ecology Progress Series 510:183-200
Effects of ultraviolet radiation on the growth, reproduction and survival of the lobate ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in Chesapeake Bay.
Rathjen, KA; Breitburg, DL; Neale, PJ. 2012. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 432:121-130
Ecosystem engineers in the pelagic realm: alteration of habitat by species ranging from microbes to jellyfish.
Breitburg, DL; Crump, BC; Dabiri, JO; Gallegos, CL. 2010. Integrative and Comparative Biology 50(2):188-200
Oyster-sea nettle interdependence and altered control within the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.
Breitburg, DL; Fulford, RS. 2006. Estuaries and Coasts 29(5):776-784
Growth and reproduction of gelatinous zooplankton exposed to low dissolved oxygen.
Grove, M; Breitburg, DL. 2005. Marine Ecology Progress Series 301:185-198
Effects of low dissolved oxygen on zooplankton predation by the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi.
Decker, MB; Breitburg, DL; Purcell, JE. 2004. Marine Ecology Progress Series 280:163-172
The pattern and influence of low dissolved oxygen in the Patuxent River, a seasonally hypoxic estuary.
Breitburg, DL; Adamack, A; Rose, KA; Kolesar, SE; Decker, MB; Purcell, JE; Keister, JE; Cowan, JH. 2003. Estuaries 26(2A):280-297
The responses of Patuxent River upper trophic levels to nutrient and trace element induced changes in the lower food web.
Bundy, MH; Breitburg, DL; Sellner, KG. 2003. Estuaries 26(2A):365-384
Geographical differences in behavioral responses to hypoxia: Local adaptation to an anthropogenic stressor?
Decker, MB; Breitburg, DL; Marcus, NH. 2003. Ecological Applications 13(4):1104-1109

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