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Harmful and Other Algal Blooms Reprints

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Academic reprints are not available from this bookstore; they are listed for information purposes only. You can find copies of this material in your university library or at the National Sea Grant Library.

Complete List

Karlodinium veneficum: the little dinoflagellate with a big bite.
Place, AR; Bowers, HA; Bachvaroff, TR; Adolf, JE; Deeds, JR; Sheng, J. 2012. Harmful Algae 14:179-195
Growth and competition of several harmful dinoflagellates under different nutrient and light conditions.
Li, J; Glibert, PM; Alexander, JA; Molina, ME. 2012. Harmful Algae 13:112-125
The effects of harmful algal species and food concentration on zooplankton grazer production of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nutrients.
Saba, GK; Steinberg, DK; Bronk, DA; Place, AR. 2011. Harmful Algae 10(3):291-303
Harmful algae and marine aquaculture in the northeastern United States.
Terlizzi, DE; Mazzacaro, AP. 2010. NRAC Publication No. 209-2010. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
Chemical characterization of the aqueous algistatic fraction of barley straw (Hordeum vulgare) inhibiting Microcystis aeruginosa.
Waybright, TJ; Terlizzi, DE; Ferrier, MD. 2009. Journal of Applied Phycology 21(3):333-340
Environmental factors contributing to the development and demise of a toxic dinoflagellate (Karlodinium veneficum) bloom in a shallow, eutrophic, lagoonal estuary.
Hall, NS; Litaker, RW; Fensin, E; Adolf, JE; Bowers, HA; Place, AR; Paerl, HW. 2008. Estuaries and Coasts 31(2):402-418
The role of eutrophication in the global proliferation of harmful algal blooms. New perspectives and new approaches.
Glibert, PM; Seitzinger, S; Heil, CA; Burkholder, JM; Parrow, MW; Codispoti, LA; Kelly, V. 2005. Oceanography 18(2):198-209

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