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Determination of the Side-Reaction Coefficient of Desferrioxamine B in Trace-Metal-Free Seawater.
Schijf, J; Burns, S. 2016. Frontiers in Marine Science 3(117):1-15
An Inverse Demand System for Blue Crab in the Chesapeake Bay: Endogeneity and Seasonality.
Pei Huang. 2014. Selected paper prepared for presentation at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association's 2014 AAEA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, July 27-29, 2014:1-30
Effects of stormwater management and stream restoration on watershed nitrogen retention.
Newcomer Johnson, TA; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Grese, MM. 2014. Biogeochemistry 121(1):81-106
From the field: Empowering women to improve family food security in Afghanistan.
Wilcox, CS; Grutzmacher, S; Ramsing, R; Rockler, A; Balch, C; Safi, M; Hanson, J. 2014. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems:1-7
Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Individual Stream Restoration Projects.
Berg, Joe, Josh Burch, Deb Cappuccitti, Solange Filoso, Lisa Fraley-McNeal, Dave Goerman, Natalie Hardman, Sujay Kaushal, Dan Medina, Matt Meyers, Bob Kerr, Steve Stewart, Bettina Sullivan, Robert Walter and Julie Winters. 2013. Report prepared by Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network and Bill Stack, Center for Watershed Protection. 2013. 131 pp
The urban watershed continuum: evolving spatial and temporal dimensions.
Kaushal, SS; Belt, KT. 2012. URBAN ECOSYSTEMS 15(2):409-435
Why do prescribed burns stimulate tidal marsh plant growth?
Needelman, Brian A., Andrew H. Baldwin, George W. Geatz, and J. Patrick Megonigal. 2012. Burn study fact sheet. 9 pp. Department of Environmental Science & Technology, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. University of Maryland Publication, 2012
A spreadsheet tool for the economic analysis of a recirculation tank system.
Parker, M., D. Delong, R. Dunning, T. Losordo, A. Hobbs. 2012. Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Publication No. 456, 2012, Stoneville MS. 12 pp
Assessment of Prerelease Diet Regimes on Growth of Juvenile Atlantic Sturgeon.
Markin, EL; Lazur, A; Hengst, A. 2010. North American Journal of Aquaculture 72(2):172-176
Small-scale Marketing Opportunities for Aquaculture Products in the Northeast.
Lazur, Andrew M., Gef Flimlin, and Dana Morse. 2010. NRAC Publication No. 205-2010. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center, University of Maryland, College Park. 7 pp
Production of antibacterial compounds and biofilm formation by Roseobacter species are influenced by culture conditions.
Bruhn, JB; Gram, L; Belas, R. 2007. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73(2):442-450
Linking estuarine research to local community heritage & environmental values: lessons from the Chesapeake Bay.
Power, LP; Paolisso, M. 2007. Practicing Anthropology 29(1):29-34
An examination of the factors influencing the flux of mercury, methylmercury and other constituents from estuarine sediment.
Mason, RP; Kim, EH; Cornwell, J; Heyes, D. 2006. Marine Chemistry 102(1-2):96-110
Comment on Mollet and Cailliet (2002): confronting models with data.
Miller, TJ; Frisk, MG; Fogarty, MJ. 2003. Marine and Freshwater Research 54(6):737-738
Toward understanding patterns of coastal marine invasions: a prospectus.
2002. In Erkki Leppokoski, Stephan Gollasch, and Sergej Olenin (Ed.), Invasive Aquatic Species of Europe: Distribution, Impacts and Management (pp. 529-547). Kluwer Academic Publishers
Influence of simulated bivalve biodeposition and microphytobenthos on sediment nitrogen dynamics: A laboratory study.
Newell, Roger I.E., Jeffrey C. Cornwell and Michael S. Owens. 2002. Limnology and Oceanography 47(5):1367-1379
Two epizootic diseaess in Chesapeake Bay commercial clams, Mya arenaria and Tagelus plebeius.
Dungan, Christopher F., Rosalee M. Hamilton, Karen L. Hudson and Kimberly S. Reece. 2002. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 50:67-78
Seriological affinities of the oyster pathogen Perkinsus marinus (Apicolplexa) with some dinoflagellates (Dinophyceae).
Bushek, David, Christopher F. Dungan and Alan J. Lewitus. 2002. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol
Microbial ecology of ballast water during a transoceanic voyage and the effects of open-ocean exchange.
Drake, L.A., G.M. Ruiz, B.S. Galil, T.L. Mullady, D.O. Friedmann and F.C. Dobbs. 2002. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser
Altering fish embryos with Aquaporin-3: An essential step toward successful cryopreservation.
Hagedorn, M., S.L. Lance, D.M. Fonseca, F.W. Kleinhans, D. Artimov, R. Fleischer, A.T.M.S. Hoque, M.B. Hamilton and B.S. Pukazhenthi. 2002. Biology of Reproduction
Drag coefficients with fetch-limited wind waves.
Lin, W. L.P. Sanford, S.E. Suttles and R. Valigura. 2002. Journal of Physical Oceanography
The effects of long-term testosterone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and pimozide treatments on testicular development and luteinizing hormone levels in juvenile and early maturing striped bass, Morone saxatilis.
Holland, M. Claire H., Shimon Hassin, and Yonathan Zohar. 2002. General and Comparative Endocrinology
Protein expression signatures: an application of proteomics.
Bradley, Brian P., Elizabeth A. Shrader, David G. Kimmel, Jessica C. Meiller. 2002. Marine Environmental Research
Effects of hypoxia, and the balance between enrichment, on coastal fishes and fisheries.
Breitburg, Denise. 2002. Estuaries
Predators of the invasive mussel Musculista senhousia (Mollusca: Mytilidae).
Crooks, Jeffrey A. 2002. Pacific Science
Effects of plasma from bivalve mollusk species on the in vitro proliferation of the protistan parasite Perkinsus marinus.
Gauthier, Julie D., and Gerardo R. Vasta. 2002. Journal of Experimental Zoology
Voyage aboard the bulk carrier Hadera: changes in microorganism abundance and biomass over time and with respect to ballast-water exchange.
Drake, Lisa A., Gregory M. Ruiz, Bella S. Galil, Timothy L. Mullady, Daniela O. Friedmann, and Fred C. Dobbs. 2002. Aquatic Invaders
Toward a predictive understanding of primary productivity in a temperate, partially stratified estuary.
Harding, L.W. Jr., M.E. Mallonee and E.S. Perry. 2002. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
Multiple stressors in an estuarine system: effects of nutrients, trace elements, and trophic complexity on benthic photosynthesis and respiration.
Laursen, Andrew E., Sybil P. Seitzinger, Robert Dekorsey, James G. Sanders, Denise L. Breitburg, and Richard W. Osman. 2002. Estuaries
Wave measurement and modeling in Chesapeake Bay.
Lin, Weiqi, Lawrence P. Sanford, Steven E. Suttles. 2002. Continental Shelf Research
Temporal and spatial dynamics of urea uptake and regeneration rates and concentrations in Chesapeake Bay.
Lomas, Michael W., T. Mark Trice, Patricia M. Glibert, Deborah A. Bronk, and James J. McCarthy. 2002. Estuaries
Zinc concentration effect at the organismal, cellular and subcellular levels in the eastern oyster.
Meiller, Jessica C., and Brian P. Bradley. 2002. Marine Environmental Research
Development of an in vitro clonal culture and characterization of the rRNA gene cluster of Perkinsus atlanticus, a protistan parasite of the clam Tapes decussates.
Robledo, Jose A.F., Patricia A. Nunes, M. Leonor Cancela and Gerardo R. Vasta. 2002. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol
Ballast water deoxygenation can prevent aquatic introductions while reducing ship corrosion.
Tamburri, Mario N., Kerstin Wasson, Masayasu Matsuda. 2002. Biological Conservation
cDNA cloning and characterization of two iron superoxide dismutases from the oyster parasite Perkinsus marinus.
Wright, Anita C., Hafiz Ahmed, Julie D. Gauthier, Abelardo M. Silva, and Gerardo R. Vasta. 2002. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology
Assimilating high-resolution salinity data into a model of a partially mixed estuary.
Xu, Jiangtao, Shenn-Yu Chao, Raleigh R. Hood, Harry V. Wang, and William C. Boicourt. 2002. Journal of Geophysical Research
Forecasting system predicts presence of sea nettles in Chesapeake Bay.
Brown, Christopher W., Raleigh R. Hood, Zhen Li, Mary Beth Decker, Thomas F. Gross, Jennifer E. Purcell, and Harry V. Wang. 2002. EOS
Chemotaxis of hemocytes of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria to quahog parasite unknown (QPX) and other microorganisms (abstract).
Decker, Christie-Sue Decker and Robert S. Anderson. 2002. Journal of Shellfish Research
Perkinsus marinus infection rates in specific-pathogen-free juvenile oysters planted at three salinity regimes in the Patuxent River, Maryland (abstract).
McCollough, Carol B., Christopher F. Dungan, Stephen J. Jordan, George R. Abbe, and Brian W. Albright. 2002. Journal of Shellfish Research
Purification of a novel antimicrobial peptide from the Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) (abstract).
Mountz, Ann C. and Robert S. Anderson. 2002. Journal of Shellfish Research
Performance comparisons between diploid and triploid sunshine bass in fresh water ponds.
Kerby, JK; Everson, JM; Harrell, RM; Geiger, JG; Starling, CC; Revels, H. 2002. Aquaculture 211:91-108
Heritability of swimbladder inflation in striped bass.
Harrell, RM; Van Heukelem, WV; Jacobs, JJ; Schutz, JR; Takacs, JU; Jacobs, D. 2002. North American Journal of Aquaculture 64:117-121
Issues of scale in land-margin ecosystems.
2001. In Robert H. Gardner, W. Michael Kemp, Victor S. Kennedy, and John E. Petersen (Ed.), Scaling Relations in Experimental Ecology (pp. 299-330). Columbia University Press
Effects of low dissolved oxygen on the behavior, ecology and harvest of fishes: a comparison of the Chesapeake Bay and Baltic-Kattegat systems.
2001. In Nancy N. Rabalais and R. Eugene Turner (Ed.), Coastal and Estuarine Studies 58: Coastal Hypoxia, Consequences for Living Resources and Ecosystems (pp. 241-267). American Geophysical Union
Aircraft remote sensing.
2001. In John H. Steele, Steve A. Thorpe, and Karl K. Turekia (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (pp. 113-122). Academic Press
Biological invasions of marine ecosystems: patterns, effects, and management.
2001. In Leah Bendell-Young and Patricia Gallaugher (Ed.), Waters in Peril (pp. 1-17). Kluwer Academic Publishers
Mud crabs (Xanthidae) in Chesapeake Bay: Claw characteristics and predation on epifaunal bivalves.
Milke, L.M. and V.S. Kennedy. 2001. Invertebrate Biology
Characterization of the agarase system of a multiple carbohydrate degrading bacterium.
Whitehead, L.A., S.K. Stosz and R.M. Weiner. 2001. Cytobios
Matrix-based modelling of crab population dynamics with applications to the Chesapeake Bay.
Miller, T.J. 2001. Estuaries
The swimbladder nematode Anguillicola crassus in American eels (Anguilla rostrata) from middle and upper regions of Chesapeake Bay.
Barse, Ann M., Scott A. McGuire, Melissa A. Vinores, Laura E. Eierman and Julie A. Weeder. 2001. J. Parasitol
Global redistribution of bacterioplankton and virioplankton communities.
Drake, L.A., K.-H. Choi, G.M. Ruiz and F.C. Dobbs. 2001. Biological Invasions
Antibacterial activities of oyster (Crassostrea virginica and mussel (Mytilus edulis) and Geukensia demissa plasma.
Anderson, R.S. and A.E. Beaven. 2001. Aquat. Living Resour
A comparative study of anti-Perkinsus marinus activity in bivalve sera.
Anderson, R.S. and A.E. Beaven. 2001. Journal of Shellfish Research
Recombinant perciform GnRH-R activates different signaling pathways in fish and mammalian heterologous cell lines.
Alok, Doeraj, Sampath Kumar, John M. Trent, and Yonathan Zohar. 2001. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
Description of Perkinsus andrewsi n. sp. isolated from the Baltic clam (Macoma balthica) by characterization of the ribosomal RNA locus, and development of a species-specific PCR-based diagnostic assay.
Coss, Cathleen A. José A.F. Robledo, Gregory M. Ruiz, and Gerardo R. Vasta. 2001. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol
Fine structure of clonally propagated in vitro life stages of a Perkinsus sp. isolated from the Baltic clam Macoma balthica.
Coss, Cathleen A. Jose A.F. Robledo, and Gerardo R. Vasta. 2001. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol
Harmful algal blooms in the Chesapeake and coastal bays of Maryland, USA: Comparison of 1997, 1998, and 1999 events.
Glibert, PM; Magnien, R; Lomas, MW; Alexander, J; Fan, CL; Haramoto, E; Trice, M; Kana, TM. 2001. ESTUARIES 24(6A):875-883
The value of paleoecology as an aid to monitoring ecosystems and landscapes, chiefly with reference to North America.
Gorham, Eville, Grace S. Brush, Lisa J. Graumlich, Michael L. Rosenzweig, and Arthur H. Johnson. 2001. Environ. Rev
Seasonal fluctuations in pituitary levels of the three forms of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in striped bass, Morone saxatilis (Teleostei), during juvenile and pubertal development.
Holland, M.C., S. Hassin and Y. Zohar. 2001. Journal of Endocrinology
Growth rate variability and lipofuscin accumulation rates in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus.
Ju, Se-Jong, David H. Secor, H. Rodger Harvey. 2001. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Elevated organic nutrient ratios associated with brown tide algal blooms of Aureococcus anophagefferens.
Lomas, Michael W., Patricia M. Glibert, Debra A. Clougherty, Daniel R. Huber, Jeremey Jones, Jeffrey Alexander, and Erin Haramoto. 2001. Journal of Plankton Research
Endocrine regulation and artificial induction of oocyte maturation and spermiation in basses of the genus Morone.
Mylonas, Constantinos C. and Yonathan Zohar. 2001. Aquaculture
Remote acoustic habitat assessment techniques used to characterize the quality and extent of oyster bottom in the Chesapeake Bay.
Smith, G.F., D.G. Bruce, and E.B. Roach. 2001. Marine Geodesy
Habitat utilization and alteration by the invasive burrowing isopod, Sphaeroma quoyanum, in California salt marshes.
Talley, T.S., J.A. Crooks, and L.A. Levin. 2001. Marine Biology
Going to the source: role of the invasion pathway in determining potential invaders.
Wonham, Marjorie J., William C. Walton, Gregory M. Ruiz, Annette M. Frese, Bella S. Galil. 2001. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Endocrine manipulations of spawning in cultured fish: from hormones to genes.
Yonathan Zohar, and Constantinos C. Mylonas. 2001. Aquaculture
Molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium oocysts in samples of raw surface water and wastewater.
Xiao, Lihua, Ajaib Singh, Josef Limor, Thaddeus K. Graczyk, Steve Gradus, and Altaf Lal. 2001. Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Use of GnRHa-delivery systems for the control of reproduction in fish.
Mylonas, Constantinos C. and Yonathan Zohar. 2001. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
A digital presentation of the Maryland oyster habitat and associated bottom types in the Chesapeake Bay (1974-1983).
Smith, G.F., K.N. Greenhawk, D.G. Bruce, E.B. Roach, and S.J. Jordan. 2001. Journal of Shellfish Research
Seagrass ecology and management: an introduction.
2000. In Stephen A. Bortone (Ed.), Seagrasses: Monitoriing, Ecology, Physiology, and Management (pp. 1-6). CRC Press
Scaling submersed plant community responses to experimental nutrient enrichment.
2000. In Stephen A. Bortone (Ed.), Seagrasses: Monitoriing, Ecology, Physiology, and Management (pp. 241-257). CRC Press
Ethics and tradable permits: pollution trading and the global atmosphere.
2000. In Michael D. Kaplowitz (Ed.), Property Rights, Economics, and the Environment (Volume 5) (pp. 241-257). JAI Press, Inc
Biofilms and biodiversity: an interactive exploration of aquatic microbial biotechnology and ecology.
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Mortality of newly metamorphosed eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in mesohaline Chesapeake Bay.
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Effects of bottom-layer hypoxia on abundances and depth distributions of organisms in Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay.
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Temporal and spatial patterns of trace elements in the Patuxent River: A whole watershed approach.
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Effect of temperature and salinity on growth performance in anadromous (Chesapeake Bay) and nonanadromous (Santee-Cooper) strains of striped bass Morone saxatilis.
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Restoration of sturgeons: lessons from the Caspian Sea sturgeon ranching programme.
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Global spread of microorganisms by ships.
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Applying the generalized-moments estimation approach to spatial problems involving microlevel data.
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Identification of species and sources of Cryptosporidium oocysts in storm waters with a small-subunit rRNA-based diagnostic and genotyping tool.
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Characterization of a pituitary GnRH-receptor from a perciform fish, Morone saxatilis: functional expression in a fish cell line.
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Total dissolved nitrogen analysis: comparisons between the persulfate, UV and high temperature oxidation methods.
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Paleoecology of submerged macrophytes in the upper Chesapeake Bay.
Brush, Grace S., and William B. Hilgartner. 2000. Ecological Monographs
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Eimeria infections in post-weaned and adult cattle on three Maryland farms.Fayer, R., J.M. Trout, T.K. Graczyk, E.J. Lewis.
Fayer, R., J.M. Trout, T.K. Graczyk, E.J. Lewis. 2000. Veterinary Parasitology
Phylogenetic characterization of marine bacterium strain 2-40, a degrader of complex polysaccharides.
Jose M. Gonzalez and Ronald M. Weiner. 2000. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Susceptibility of the Chesapeake Bay to environmental contamination with Cryptosporidium parvum.
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Mechanical transport and transmission of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts by wild filth flies.
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Cryptophyte algae are robbed of their organelles by the marine ciliate Mesodinium rubrum.
Gustafson, Daniel E., Jr, Diane K. Stoecker, Matthew D. Johnson, William F. Van Heukelem and Kerri Sneider. 2000. Nature
Early maturity in the male striped bass, Morone saxatilis: follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone gene expression and their regulation by gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue and testosterone.
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Gonadal development and plasma steroid levels during pubertal development in captive-reared striped bass, Morone saxatilis.
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Overcoming a permeability barrier by microinjecting cryoprotectants into zebrafish embryos (Brachydanio rerio).
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Evidence of the effects of water quality on residential land prices.
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High-throughput isolation of oyster DNA facilitates diagnosis of �Dermo� disease.
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Characterization of the ribosomal RNA locus of Perkinsus atlanticus and development of a polymerase chain reaction-based diagnostic assay.
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Invasion of coastal marine communities in North America: apparent patterns, processes, and biases.
Ruiz, Gregory M., Paul W. Fofonoff, James T. Carlton, Marjorie J. Wonham, and Anson H. Hines. 2000. Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst
At the monument to General Meade or on the difference between beliefs and benefits.
Sagoff, Mark. 2000. Arizona Law Review
Environmental economics and the conflation of value and benefit.
Sagoff, Mark. 2000. Environ. Sci. Technol
The impact of mixotrophy on planktonic marine ecosystems.
Stickney, H.L., R.R. Hood, and D.K. Stoecker. 2000. Ecological Modeling
Foodborne infections vectored by molluscan shellfish.
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Detecting invasions of marine organisms: kamptozoan case histories.
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Changes in ballast water biota during intracoastal and transoceanic voyages.
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An exotic namatode parasite of the americaneel.
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Enzymatic grafting of a natural product onto chitosan to confer water solubility under basic conditions.
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Biogeochemical control on the flux of trace elements from estuarine sediments: effects of seasonal and short-term hypoxia.
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Enzymatic modification of the synthetic polymer polyhydroxystyrene.
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