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Biofilm Pipeline

[Biofilm Pipeline Rack Design]

What You Need:

  • Plexiglass discs - 4" (~10 cm) diameter

  • PVC pipe - 1/2" (~1.27 cm) diameter, 36" (~91.5 cm) length

  • Spacers made of PVC pipe - 1" (~2.5 cm) diameter, 4" (~10 cm) length

  • Pipe nipple for weight - 4" (~10.1 cm) diameter

  • Two bolts with wingnuts

  • Rope

How To Assemble

  1. The long PVC pipe is use as the backbone of the rack under the spacers. Drill a hole approximately 1" (~2.5 cm) from each end. The holes are for the bolt and wingnut, which keep all the materials in place.

  2. Secure the pipe nipple to one end using a bolt and wingnut.

  3. Slide a spacer down the pipe.

  4. Slide a plexiglass disc down the pipe.

  5. Repeat the last two steps until all discs have been used.

  6. Slide the last space onto the pipe and attach the second bolt and wignut.

[Biofilm Pipeline Rack Design]
The completed assembly should look something like what is depicted above and to the right. Note that the length of the pipe does not have to be 36" (~91.5 cm). Its length depends on the number of plexiglass discs you will be using in your experiment.

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